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Nexthink End User Experience Management Technical session

May 3rd and 4th 2017

Take your optimization skills to the next level.

Nexthink End User Experience Management Technical Training would help individuals to spot out the current and future opportunities to achieve maximum usage of Nexthink inside the organization in areas such as Security, Transformation, Operation and gaining functional metrics through usage of End User Feedback module.

It will also tackle the basic approaches of consuming data out of Nexthink with one-on-one training, the course is designed to answer all your questions in the confort of one of the most prestigious hotel in Dubai.

Nexthink helps IT understand what users are actually experiencing with real-time analytics and contextual feedback.

Watch the Nexthink end-user feedback introduction!

Course breakdown

Day 2 - Modules

Laptop with the below minimum specs;

•    Memory :    4 GB system memory, at least 2 GB available
•    Disk capacity  :  50 MB
•    CPU  :  2 cores, 2 GHz
•    Network  :  100 Mbps recommended

  Laptop will be used to install Nexthink Finder over it

1.    Office 365 Hands-On Lab –

  • In this session you will understand how to setup and manage a transformation project with Nexthink related to Microsoft Office 365.
  • The intention being that you will be able to go back to the office and implement a similar kind of project with Nexthink.

2.    Working with End-User Feedback –

  • This session will demonstrate 2 scenarios around the new End-User Feedback module, to provide best practices to analyze the real satisfaction level of end-users.
  • You will also learn why it is important to ask the right questions and target users based on their activities and events. In addition, you will compare subjective feedback against objective measures in Nexthink Portal and discuss appropriate actions.

3.    Extending the Boundaries of Nexthink –

  • Learn how to approach standard situations where Nexthink is required to support extended use cases, such as roaming users, accessing Nexthink through a DMZ, working in highly dynamic environments and supporting VDI clients.

4.    Security Operations Hands-On Lab -

  • Learn a plan of action on how to improve the overall security posture of your environment using Nexthink, from performing compliance assessments of key security metrics, through to finding previously undetected malware and building effective alerting and reporting mechanisms. The session also includes insights into NSSP, SWIFT GAP Analysis & ADSIC Portal Modules.

5.    Proactive Problem Management Hands-On Lab –

  • Learn how to start using Nexthink to become genuinely proactive with your problem management. The session will focus on understanding problem identification in detail and how identifying and using techniques such as base lining and comparisons of key metrics, you can learn to understand and detect anomalies in your environment and identify problems early.

1.    Introduction to Nexthink and Its Components –

  • Understand the key components of Nexthink, what they do and how Nexthink works.

 2.    Nexthink Standard Use Cases Demonstration – 30 minutes

  • Gain an overview of what Nexthink is and what it does.

3.    Consuming Data with Nexthink Finder and Portal –

  • Start navigating the Nexthink Portal and Finder and get answers to simple questions.
  • Learn how to create your own investigations (queries).
  • Learn how to get information from different Nexthink views, and get further into data using one-click investigations and drill-downs.

4.    Creating Content with Nexthink Finder and Portal –

  • Learn the key concepts of content creation, with key notions of service,metrics and categories.
  • Learn how to use categories and metrics and learn how to display the data in the Portal.
  • Work on your example dashboard and learn how to use custom actions.

Day 1 - Nexthink Essentials


Khalid Sulaiman, Manager, Solution Support, Dubai Customs

"We now have real-time visibility from the end-user perspective to monitor our entire IT infrastructure and ensure a secure and stable environment."

Majed Othman AL Othman, General Manager of the IT Department Ministry of Justice, KSA


“We searched extensively for an IT Analytics solution to help us better manage our comprehensive IT infrastructure. Nexthink provides meaningful insights through real-time alerts and notifications of emerging problems."

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