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True Tales from the IT Trenches

Topic: "Hot Water in a Hotel"


Nextalk will be on February 22nd, 11:30am EST

Like hot water in a hotel, some things are just given expectations. For employees, that means having access to excellent, fast, reliable technology, from any where, in real-time (and all the time). In order for IT teams to spend more time on innovation, they first need to deliver foundational enterprise services, like hot water in a hotel.

What Does Tim Talk About?

CPU/Logon issues

Critical App Crashes

Proactive Problem Management

Ticket Bounce & Finger-Pointing

The Boston Red Sox

Blue Screens of Death

Insider Threats

Cost-Saving Best Practices

Harley Davidsons

Ransomware/Malware Detection

... you name it!

Every last Wednesday of the month, Tim tackles a different topic. 

Be ready to hear true tails from the IT trenches, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Tim Flower

Tim left a 20-year career at a large Fortune 200 Financial Services Company, where he was responsible for End User Services technology strategy, to help organizations learn how they can empower their IT departments, improve end-users' experience, increase employee productivity and save costs by simply changing their perspectives.


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