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Nexthink End-User Feedback Module

Understand and improve what really matters to the business

End-user Feedback


The new Nexthink module provides IT with a simple yet effective method for gathering direct feedback from end-users. It gives IT both the qualitative and quantitative data necessary to improve visibility, reduce costs and increase business and end-user productivity.

This direct feedback is automatically combined with technical metrics, gathered from the endpoint, to give IT a clearer view of the end-user experience than has ever been possible before. This new capability of combining direct real-time user feedback with endpoint analytics both streamlines and speeds communication, enabling IT to make better decisions faster.



Get Feedback.

Get feedback directly from business end-users


Quantify the impact to the business.




Prioritize what the business needs most.

Discover satisfaction levels and business needs




Improve operations and business productivity.


Nexthink now provides the ability to configure scores based on weighing multiple technical and non-technical factors and metrics together. Customized scores will allow IT to measure KPIs such as endpoint performance, infrastructure health and service quality, in order to be more responsive to the needs of end-users and the business.

Our new Portal tooltip allows you to obtain more details about the indicators shown in your dashboards. The tooltip has been standardized for KPI, table and bar chart widgets.

Wait, there is more!

Enhanced bar charts

Advanced tool tip

The bar charts introduced in the previous versions have been enhanced with support for quantity metrics, thresholds and fixed scale.

"Most monitoring solutions attempt to measure end-user experience by extrapolating data from the network, servers and log files. At Nexthink, we believe the source of truth for end-user experience is on the endpoint. Now with end-user feedback, IT executives get a complete picture of end-user experience and more importantly, how to improve it, in order to deliver the best IT for the business.”

Pedro Bados, CEO and co-founder, Nexthink

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