End-User Feedback and Scores Now Available

With the latest versions, IT gets instant visibility into end-user experience for faster decision making and resolution. Help your end users get more productive with device scoring, localized end-user feedback campaigns and much more.

With the latest version, IT teams can:
  • Save support time: Save level 1 support time by allowing IT to perform quicker analyses. Visual cues enable your team to react immediately to diagnose and solve common problems.
  • Streamline processes: By requiring that all escalated tickets comply with the level 1 support checklist you can improve the escalation process and ensure that key requirements have been met before escalation for a more focused level 2 and 3 support.
  • Decrease support costs: The checklist can enable level 1 support teams to easily resolve incidents that would have previously been escalated.
  • Solve compliance and Performance issues

Accelerate problem and incident resolution with enhanced scoring capability, new visualizations

Nexthink recently released new scoring capabilities allowing IT to measure KPIs such as endpoint performance, infrastructure health and service quality, to be more responsive to the needs of end users and the business.

With Nexthink, IT teams can configure scores based on multiple technical and non-technical factors and metrics automatically collected from end users and devices.

Nexthink’s latest version enhances this scoring capability by allowing you to drill down into the details of a score for a specific user or device.

Communicate with end users more seamlessly with localized language options

Nexthink recently released its end-user feedback module, a simple yet effective method for gathering direct feedback from end users. With the latest version, customers can localize communication with end users based on their language.

This direct feedback is automatically combined with technical metrics, gathered from the endpoint, to give IT a more complete picture of the end-user experience than has ever been possible before. With the newest version, organizations have an easy way to improve visibility, reduce costs and increase business and end-user productivity.




Discover satisfaction levels and business needs



Get Feedback.

Quantify the impact to the business

Get feedback directly from business end-users


Prioritize what the business needs most




Improve operations and business productivity

Active Directory for Nexthink Users

Gone are the days when you needed to manually maintain user accounts in Nexthink. With V6.9 you can link Nexthink with Active Directory and provision users and permissions dynamically based on AD security groups. It's more secure, easier and faster!

To aid in the configuration of complex hierarchies we have introduced a tool that allows Nexthink administrators to visually analyze the structure of the organization.

Wait, there is more!

NXQL Update

New Hierarchy Visualization

V6.9 contains three new aggregates in NXQL that allow you to better analyze performance problems. Several other fields and aggregates have also been added to NXQL.

"Most monitoring solutions attempt to measure end-user experience by extrapolating data from the network, servers and log files. At Nexthink, we believe the source of truth for end-user experience is on the endpoint. Now with end-user feedback, IT executives get a complete picture of end-user experience and more importantly, how to improve it, in order to deliver the best IT for the business.”

Pedro Bados, CEO and co-founder, Nexthink

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